Golden Egg 2018 award ceremony will take place on March 16
Estonian marketing communication agencies’ event of the year – Festival of Creativity Golden Egg 2018 award ceremony – will take place on March 16, 2018 in Kultuurikatel.
This time the event will be more grand than ever as Golden Egg is celebrating its 20th jubilee.
Golden Egg is not just a party – it is a long prepared event together with a judging cycle and a seminar a day before the actual gala. The target group is Estonian marketing communication agencies’ employees, category specialists, business executives, marketing managers, media and also the general public interested in marketing and communications.


Estonian National Advertising festival "The Golden Egg” held since 1999 and organized by the Estonian Association of Marketing Communication Agencies, this advertising competition is the premier event for Estonian ad agencies. A jury consisting of ad agency owners and advertising experts picks the best Estonian ads in the last calendar year.


At the gala traditionally held in March, three prizes are awarded in advertising categories: the Golden Egg (Kuldmuna), Silver Egg (Hõbemuna) and Bronze Egg (Pronksmuna). The best Golden Egg also receives the Grand Prix and the agency with the most Golden Eggs becomes the Agency of the Year.
The aim of the Golden Egg competition is to recognize and highlight boldness in the field of ad creation as well as customers who dare to take an original and creative approach to advertising.
The Golden Egg is the only Estonian national advertising festival and takes place already for the 20th time this spring. It is a very popular event among the Estonian advertisers and advertising agencies, for example, in 2017 a total of 589 ads were presented for evaluation.